Dodge Brand’s #TheMuscleBehindUs Social Campaign Pays Tribute To Essential Workers

April 15th, 2022 by

A new social media campaign launched by the Dodge brand looks to honor all those working on the front lines of the current global pandemic, including the first responders. The campaign titled, #TheMuscleBehindUs, is set to feature across a multitude of digital platforms on which the automotive brand has a presence including Twitter YouTube and

#TheMuscleBehindUs Honors Frontline Workers

In its latest social campaign dedicated to the essential workers on the frontlines of the Covid-19, Dodge invites its followers in the Brotherhood of Muscle community to put forward photos and stories of those they know who work on the frontlines, and the most compelling submissions will be chosen to be displayed on the brand’s own social media accounts in a dedicated heroes series.

The video series titled, “Strength” and “Horsepower,” made available on the various channels feature a diverse array of essential workers including the police, nurses, utility workers, and grocery store staff. It is in recognition of the bravery and sacrifice of these fearless everyday heroes that Dodge wishes to acknowledge.

Dodge Promotes Stay Safe At Home With New Social Content

Dodge has found a novel way to keep its fan base of 11 million followers entertained safely in their homes by offering access to social content, videos, and online quizzes to keep them occupied. The “How Much Horsepower” quizzes offer prizes to be won and the “Horsepower from Home” videos will feature Dodge experts such as engineers and those responsible for the interior and exterior design of Dodge models.

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